How do I frame my print?

There are literally endless ways!!! That's both fun and terrifying. We suggest the following options from cheapest to most expensive: They have a lot of variety, but you get what you pay for. I like these architect frames for our small letterpress maps (8x8 and 8.5x11). 

Ikea: These frames are the cheapest option for our large prints. You'll need to paste it onto the mat yourself. 

American Design Club: Our partners at American Design Club make beautiful frames especially for our prints. 

Your Local Framer: The most expensive option, but definitely the best. There's a reason these shops still exist. They do something that nobody can do. 

What's the difference between Letterpress and Screenprint?

Letterpress is the coolest and most dangerous method of printing. The image is a raised surface and literally get pressed into the paper, giving it a texture unlike any other method. It's dangerous because your hand can get jammed in the machine, which will crush every bone. Letterpress is coveted because it looks great and takes a lot of time and energy. We use a fluffy cotton paper that looks great. 

Screenprinting is a completely different animal. The image is burned onto a screen and ink is pressed onto the paper. We use an acid-free paper that looks great framed or unframed. 

When will my order arrive?

If you are in the US, it will arrive within a week. If it doesn't, it means something went wrong and you should email 

If you are outside the US, we cannot guarantee a delivery time because one of a million things could happen to prevent it from arriving quickly. We are very sorry about this! Everything ships within 3 days. 

Do you do custom cities? 

Although we can't do custom cities or towns on-demand, I LOVE when people ask for things. It helps me decide where to go next, and when I make it, I will alert you! Fill out this form! 

Do you offer Custom sizes?

Yes and no. We offer a license so you can produce your own print within certain specifications. We require a photo of the finished piece for our archive/instagram. 

For commercial or public-facing licenses, please email me and I will quote you. Be sure to include who your organization is, where it will be, and how big it will be. Keep in mind that commercial license will cost at least $1000. 

Do you do custom colors? 

We do not print on-demand and cannot offer custom colors.